Google The Lies We Tell Ourselves | Author Robert Kintigh
This book is for everyone who wants to be better in their life and achieve more. You cannot get anywhere good in life by going through the motions and faking it. Success comes into play when we learn to be real, steady ourselves and then get really outrageous in who we are. You must be excited and attack each and every day.

When I first started writing this book and doing the research for the book many years ago, someone asked me who this book was written for? Was it a business book, a child/teenager book, a parenting book? Was it a personal growth book? Who was my target audience? The more words I have written and the more time I have put into the book, I have decided on the answer; this book is for you! This book is for the single mother out there looking for balance or for the teenager that is struggling to understand why life is so complicated. This book is for the guy who has been poor all his life and can’t figure out how to make more money. This book is for the people who are good but want to be great. This book is for the pastor, attorney or police officer. This book is for each and every one of you that want an improved life, a better you. We all want to live up to our potential and enjoy life to the fullest; not only do we want that…. We deserve it!

In this book, I am going to share with you some personal stories of tragedy and triumph along with the journey that I have taken to discover my victories and greatest potential. I am going to share with you some very important techniques that will help you in your daily life. There is no reason you should ever have to hang your head down even in the worst of circumstances. You have every right to prevail and have victory in your life.

The real story in this book is about a life I created made up of lies and what it took for me to find freedom. I had to design new truths in order to thrive in my daily life. I had to free myself from the ideas that were generated by other people that I had decided to take on as my own. I was growing up and moving through life feeling like a victim of circumstances and realities beyond my control. I grew up lower middle class, from a broken home, alcoholism in my family and not a clue as to what was going to be my future. I grew up in rough streets when I was younger; labeled every name that was not pretty and at times I thought maybe those labels might be true. I had to break out and was determined to try and find my way. It would take me until my early twenties to get there and the lessons I learned along the way were priceless and could never be achieved even in an Ivy League school. The life I thought that was taking a toll on me had actually been preparing me for the life I would eventually achieve.

We are all victims of circumstance each and every day and our job is to learn how to quickly become a champion of change when it occurs, as being a victim should be a very short stage. You would be right to assume that bad things will happen to you at times, to no fault of your own, but you would be wrong to assume that there is nothing you can do about it. I have been in very bad situations most of my youthful life and I have consistently managed to find a way to come out better than what I was going through. I became resilient....... to be continued in the book!

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