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"Eliminate the lies.  Discover your truths.  Design your success."
  —Robert Kintigh, author of "The Lies We Tell Ourselves"
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The more times he was told it couldn't be done, Robert decided there had to be a way. Always constantly asking questions, he had a burning desire to see a world bigger than his own. This book is a journey of the heart, mind and curiosity of a boy who grows into a man learning and understanding the secrets to life through his own pains and celebration. Unwilling to sacrafice his readers, Robert uses his own personal accounts and experiences to lay out the framework for a better life both for himself and for you. The Lies We Tell Ourselves is a rivoting journey of self discovery that will allow you to dream again and look at the world as you did when you were a young child. Life has endless possibilities if you will open up your heart and mind to them.

Eliminate the lies, discover your truths and design your success!
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Why is The Lies We Tell Ourselves the Book for You?

This book is your book if you have a willingness to learn to succeed no matter what lies in your way or what your current situation is in life. This book delivers second chances and delivers hope in a world that sometimes seems dark. The journey in the book helps you to discover what is holding you back by understanding the thoughts in your mind.  Be prepared to question more than you ever have so that you can discover your lies in order to find new truths!

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Powerful introduction to Author Robert Kintigh and his new book called The Lies We Tell Ourselves. Take a journey to discover what is holding you back and how you can elminate it. Buy the book today and engage in coaching with Robert and his team! This is a great book on Personal growth and development.
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